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Be warned French Bulldogs are contagious and if you catch Frenchie Fever there is only one cure!

Perreux French Bulldogs are passionate about turning out quality French Bulldogs and have been for over a decade.

Our award winning Frenchies are healthy with fantastic temperaments. We’ve done this by working tirelessly to bring together the best genetics.

We don’t just leave it to chance – our parents are X-Rayed and have their spines and hips independently assessed by Australia’s foremost expert on French Bulldog anatomy.

We’re dedicated to advancing the health of French Bulldogs and are active members of the French Bulldog Club of NSW.  We participate in Speciality and Championship Shows especially those refereed by international judges.

Olive is our most recent champ having been awarded an Australian Championship – and we couldn’t be more proud.

Baby French Bulldogs

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