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Perreux calls owners to stop feeding raw chicken

A new study, led by the University of Melbourne’s U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital, has found that the consumption of raw chicken meat increases the...   Read More

Ethical dog breeding under threat

We rarely publish articles about issues on our site, however, the threats to purebred dogs in NSW have never been more serious than they...   Read More

Olive delivers her Second litter

Olive has delivered 5 gorgeous puppies into the Perreux family.  In her second litter our little champion has done us proud.  With the help...   Read More

Lorelei’s pups off to their new homes

Lorelei’s pups off to their new homes and loving the new attention from their new and very proud parents.

Ruby has Four gorgeous Pups

We are proud and excited to announce our little Ruby has graced Leonie Deeker and her Bucklee (Labrador) Kennels with their first French Bulldog brood.  Leonie is...   Read More

New Health Test for Frenchies

For the first time, brachycephalic breeds can now be tested for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome using a new breathing chamber developed by Cambridge University....   Read More

Perreux wins at the French Bulldog Show

Yesterday marked the prestigious 62nd Championship Show of the French Bulldog Club of NSW at the Bill Spilstead Complex out at Orchard Hills. What a...   Read More

Lorelei a new Mum

Lorelei has given us two beautiful new pups a boy and girl.  She went into labour at the end of March and has been...   Read More

Blaise and Ella recognised with their firsts champion points

Today Blaise and Ella participated in the Lake District Canine Club (Champ Show) and have come home with a swag of awards. Blaise received:...   Read More

Ruby in Whelp for Bucklee Kennels

Congratulations go to Leonie, the family including the Labradors and of course our little Ruby who is expecting her first litter in Melbourne.  Sired...   Read More

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