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We welcome contact, news, stories and photos from owners of our Perreux puppies. Please feel free to contact us.

We are a small breeder and do not advertise our puppies. This site is also not designed to selling our Frenchie pups.

As a highly ethical Breeder who is focused on good health outcomes for our puppies, our waiting list can be as long as 3 years.  To get on our waiting list requires extensive discussions and evaluation regarding the suitability of how a Frenchie might fit into your family and lifestyle.

Should a puppy be available we insist that the prospective new owners visit the Kennel 3 or 4 times before they turn 8 weeks both to be involved in the very early life of the puppy but also so we can train you on their special needs.  We will also want to visit the new home prior to sale to ensure the environment and family that the puppy is being welcomed into giving them the best and safest possible start in life.

If you are actively looking for a puppy you will know that French Bulldogs are a very sought after breed.

The French Bulldog Club of NSW has a directory of breeders who work within the breed standard and also sign on to the Club’s code of ethics which means it is the best place to start looking.

Please be careful – Frenchies have become extremely popular and expensive to purchase.  With that has come scammers and unethical breeders using the popularity of the breed to make money. They often charge more than those of us who are doing the right thing and even introduce colours that are not recognised (like “blue”).  Do your homework and please report any suspicious dealings.  Information about breeders and how to report fraudulent or unethical behaviour is listed on the Frenchie Club’s website.

The Club’s site also lists some really good tips when looking for a puppy:

  • You are making a long-term commitment so don’t settle on the first breeder you find – make sure you choose a reputable breeder who will give you papers, will register the puppy with Dogs NSW and will let you have copies of the health checks of the parents.
  • Anyone can put two dogs together and call themselves a breeder but that doesn’t necessarily make them responsible or reputable.
  • An ethical and responsible breeder breeds to improve the health and quality of the French Bulldog, not just to produce a product for sale.
  • They know their dogs, have an in-depth knowledge of bloodlines, study pedigrees and health test their breeding stock.
  • Reputable breeders are members of a State controlling body such as Dogs NSW and are also members of a French Bulldog breed club.
  • Avoid responding to advertisements in free on-line classified sites. Scammers and backyard breeders use these sites.
  • Registered breeders in NSW must include their Dogs NSW membership number in all advertisements offering dogs or puppies for sale.

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For all contact in first instance please contact us by email.


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