Frenchie Care

Caring for my gorgeous French Bulldog
(Bouledogue Francais / Frenchie / FrogDog)

First some things about the breed:

  • Being a brachycephalic breed French Bulldogs require a lot more care.  They are fairly short and compact with a screw tail, the “Frenchie” is prone to the associated problems these conformational characteristics will bring.
  • They have a small throat cavity and will choke on many things. Bones like uncooked chicken (even chicken necks) can be dangerous. Do not give them raw hide to chew and if feeding them something that you are not sure about keep an eye on them for the first couple of times.
  • They do not have the same cooling mechanisms and care should be taken in hotter months to avoid overheating.

Care of your Perreux Frenchie:

  • Food: Royal Canin dry puppy food should be the main diet component mixed with a high fat content minced meat (Pet Barn Puppy mince is ideal).
  • Diet Additives: Chopped up chicken thighs/chicken mince/lamb mince can be used to ‘spice’ up their diet
  • Warning: NEVER GIVE PORK OR PORK PRODUCTS INCLUDING SAUSAGES, BACON OR ANY OTHER FOOD CONTAINING PIG. This is because it upsets a dog’s stomach and causes severe diarrhoea.
  • Teething: Pedigree Dentastix or Greenies Dog Treats will help with teething
  • Worms: Worm your puppy every two weeks until three months old – a good worming solution is Drontal (do not use supermarket brands as they are less effective).
  • Fleas: our experience has proved that Advantage is the best flea treatment. If your dog gets fleas you can guarantee it has worms as fleas pass on Tape Worm.
  • Heartworm: VITAL – Heartworm kills dogs. Speak to your vet about lifelong treatment.
  • Vaccinations: Your puppy has had all its vaccinations and it is vital that you keep those vaccinations current.  You can find details about the timing of your puppy’s vaccinations on the “Dog Vaccination Certificate” provided by Rob Zammit at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital – refer to the documents provided when you took your puppy.
  • Grooming: Frenchies have folds in their face. These collect dirt and oils from the dog’s skin.  As such they need to be cleaned out daily or the residual can cause an infection.  Baby wipes are best.  Ears should also be cleaned with a standard ear solution that you can get from Pet Barn – follow the instructions on the label.

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