New Health Test for Frenchies

For the first time, brachycephalic breeds can now be tested for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome using a new breathing chamber developed by Cambridge University.

Along with DNA, Hip and Spine testing that are already being used by good breeders, this is a vital new development in our ambition breed the best and healthiest possible French Bulldog.  It will also help to demonstrate to the public those breeders who care about the health of our animals and those who might be only attracted to Frenchies because of their popularity and the high price many seeking one are prepared to spend.

There’s a catch, while everyone involved in brachycephalic breeds agrees that health is important – at this point, the responsibility of funding this new health test has fallen to us Frenchie breeders alone – and it’s going to cost $40K all up.

The Club has launched a Go Fund Me campaign and they have agreed to kick in the first $5,000.


If you value the continued efforts breeders like us are taking to bring you the most healthy best constructed Frenchie then we are calling on you to help.  Head over to the campaign and contribute – every small amount helps.

Click here to contribute

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