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We are a small team of two.  Committed to the highest possible standards of breeding. Our kennel runs out of home and all our little ones are literally part of the family.  Our home is smoke-free and our pups have the run of it.

Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson


Michael has been breeding since he can remember, starting with a childhood breeding program he and his Grandmother worked out with their beloved Canaries. He comes from a dog breeding family.  In his teens started out by himself with Labradors then was quickly snapped up by the famous Driftway kennel, a relationship which is still very strong.  He has been breeding French Bulldogs for over a decade.  Suffice to say Frenchies are Michael’s passion.

Lloyd Grosse

Lloyd Grosse

General Dogs Body

Lloyd started breeding Cocker Spaniels back in the 80s and when is original bitch finally died at the age of 18 he gave breeding a rest.  His passion is all things technology and he is our online brains.  He got introduced to these crazy FrogDogs when he met Michael and is now bezoted by them and is a very active partner in raising our litters.  He has mastered the art of nurturing new borns and has the best technique and giving tiny ones the bottle.  He has even learned physiotherapy techniques to get them walking as early as possible.


Our Kennel

We are lucky as our inner city plot is one of the largest in the suburb – our yard is sectioned into zones the back zone filled with interesting things to do. The photo shows our veggie patch.


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  1. Leonie Deeker

    Hey Michael & Lloyd,

    Love your web site. Made me smile!!

    Your dogs are gorgeous. 🙂

    • Michael Simpson Post author

      Hi Leonie

      Glad you like it. There’s been a lot of hard work go into making it work (and crashing it every now and then).

      Lots of love to you and the team especially Rubes.


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